When we are trying to live the best life we can we focus on nutrition, movement and lifestyle and maybe even incorporate meditation.

An Active lifestyle is already part of many of our lives and can come through;

– Being a parent

– Working in any capacity

– Having multiple responsibilities

– Running a household

– Managing children and their extracurricular activities

– Actually being active through a gym, sport or any exercise.

– Training for a marathon or event

– Being an athlete

Supporting our body to move is incredibly important as we are not built to sit for 10 hours a day – but sadly that is what we have become accustomed to as we work more sedentary jobs than ever before.

Daily movement helps to boost our metabolism, clear our thoughts and support mental health while also helping to strengthen our cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Our muscles, joints and bones need to be moved regularly in order to keep healthy, flexible, and for us to gain their maximum benefit.  In general, our body loves to move. Our moving body also loves plant-based nutrition in order to fuel this movement and to repair efficiently.

Nature is amazing and it has given us specific ingredients that help our muscles and bodies recover from exercise more efficiently. One such ingredient is astaxanthin. It helps to fight against free radical damage and helps with joint and muscle recovery after exercise. Astaxanthin also helps to support our immunity and cardiovascular system which is essential when we are living busy and active lives.