Our body is amazing. It can detoxify and cleanse itself, in fact it does that all day everyday without much assistance from us. Our body detoxifies itself with no conscious thought or action from us. So why does everyone talk about or advocate for detox then?

Well what we actually mean is – we want to support your body to act and carry out its natural function of cleansing and detoxing. Our body detoxifies everything that is foreign – that includes food. Everything we eat, drink or put on our skin goes via our liver and then to our kidneys so supporting them is essential. We are not perfect – so sometimes we eat more processed foods than we want, or maybe we drink more coffee or alcohol than we would like. That’s life and there is no need to beat yourself up about that  but sometimes we feel the effects – lethargic, poor skin, upset digestive system. And no-one enjoys that. So by supporting your body to do what is does naturally you are reducing the load it is taking on, thereby reducing the symptoms you are experiencing. We all need a reset and Lifestream uses plant based products to help the body and not stress it further. Because nature knows about cleansing and supporting, it has successfully done it for as long as we know, and by using the nature to help us – we are in the best place to support our bodies to live at its best potential.