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Fast, on-demand immune support for ills and chills, in 3 daily capsules.
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When you are suffering from ills and chills, our fast-acting Immune Support Trio will provide you with the support you need to get on with your day. Get relief from symptoms within just 5 minutes!
  • Provides 24-hour release effect for lasting immune and antioxidant protection
  • Supports relaxing of a tight chest, loosening of mucus and easing of a dry tickly throat within 5 minutes
  • Boosts immunity and restores gut microbiome balance

What's in the Bundle?

Kiwi Gold Biotics 30 Capsules (adult) - 1 month

Are you looking for a daily immunity boost and microbiome support? Perhaps you need plant fibre or increased good gut bacteria to support gentle bowel regularity? We have the answer: Kiwi Bio-Boost, a prebiotic and probiotic for healthy digestion plus immunity support, available in capsules (adults) and chews (kids).

Viro Strike 30 capsules - 1 month

Are you suffering from low immunity, a tight chest, tickly dry throat, fever or ills and chills? Our Viro Strike has the perfect rapid release, high potency immune support and respiratory formula for fast relief.

Vitamin C Pro Liposomal 30 capsules - 1 month

If you suffer from low immunity, recurring colds and coughs, repeated general infections, or just want something for general immunity and well-being support, our Vitamin C Pro Liposomal Capsules deliver superior uptake and absorption of a plant based Vitamin C.

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Unlocking the power of plants

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Specialists in plant-based wellness, lifestream is 100% new zealand owned. trusted for nearly 40 years, and the pioneer of spirulina and aloe vera in australasia, we know new zealander’s, their lifestyles, and how best to support them on their journey to wellness.

Our Story

Fast Acting Immune Support Pack

Fast, on-demand immune support for ills and chills, in 3 daily capsules.
Worth $88.70
Save $23.70!
  • 100% Kiwi Owned

    Born in 1980, Lifestream remains 100% New Zealand owned


    We truly believe the most natural and effective nutrition for the human body is found in plant-based whole foods.

  • Sustainably Sourced

    We only purchase ingredients from the best growers in sustainable regions.