Lifestream Refill My Energy

Support your energy levels and the environment.

Refill My Energy is a plant-based supplement that supports your nutrition intake and boosts energy levels. It is only available from our refill shop. Packed with the earth's finest organic spirulina, organic barley grass, organic wheatgrass and acerola berries, Refill My Energy naturally supports energy levels while being an easy and delicious way to top up your daily greens intake.

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Choose your sustainable plant-based superfood supplement to refill your energy or immunity.


Receive a reusable jar and spoon with your first order.


Subscribers receive subsequent orders in a compostable refill bag.


A daily shot of Lifestream Refill My Energy naturally provides your body with a source of Iron and Vitamin C, supporting healthy energy metabolism, skin & bone health and amino acid synthesis.

When you purchase a Lifestream Refillery product, you receive:

  • A Lifestream Refillery reusable jar
  • A Lifestream Refillery 3g bamboo spoon
  • A compostable bag of your beautifully crafted nutrient-packed phytonutrient blend.

Each subsequent order will include the powdered product packed in a compostable bag, which you can decant into your reusable jar.

Blended and packed in NZ from local and imported ingredients.

How to use

How to

Daily serving guide:

  • Adults: 1 heaped bamboo spoon (3g) 1-2 times per day
  • Kids under 12 years: ½ bamboo spoon (1.5g) daily

Store below 25°C and away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. For extra freshness, store in your fridge.

Please note your refill jar is not dishwasher safe. Handwash as needed with warm soapy water. Ensure jar is completely dry before refilling.

For best results consume as part of a balanced diet.


Organic Spirulina, Natural flavour, Organic NZ Grown Barley & Wheat Grass, Acerola Berries, Monk Fruit Extract.

Serving size: 3 g

Servings per package: 3o

All values specified above are averages

*RDI = Recommended Dietary Intake

Gluten free. Vegetarian friendly with no added dairy.

Blended and packed in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients


How do I store my blend?
Cut the compostable bio pack open near the top. Carefully tip your blend into your refillery jar.
Store below 25°C and away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. For extra freshness, store in your fridge. Please note your refill jar and bamboo spoon are not dishwasher safe. Handwash out as needed with warm soapy water.

How is your spirulina the finest in the world?
It is grown in one of only two certified organic spirulina plants in the world, by the pioneers and global leaders of micro algae research and cultivation, Parry. The purpose-built plant is situated in an isolated area of the countryside, with no exposure to pollution to ensure optimum growing conditions for a quality product.

What can this blend help me with?
Refill my Energy will support energy levels for optimum wellbeing, plus help you top up on your daily greens

Are the ingredients organic?
Barley & Wheat grass along with the spirulina used are 100% organic

Is this product sourced from NZ ingredients?
This blend contains 100% NZ grown Barley & Wheatgrass alongside quality imported ingredients.

What is the recommended daily serve?
Adults: 1 heaped bamboo spoon (3g) 1-2 times per day
Kids under 12 years: ½ bamboo spoon (1.5g) daily.

How do I take?
Simply scoop 1 heaped bamboo spoon (3g) into a dry shaker. Add around 50 mls of water, replace lid, shake and drink. Alternately, blend into your favourite smoothie or enjoy with juice or milk type of your choice.

Is this product vegetarian friendly?

How do I wash my blend jar?
Simply handwash as needed with warm soapy water. Do not place in dishwasher.

How long will my blend last?
Your blend is designed to stay fresh for 3 months. For best results store in your Refill Jar and keep refrigerated.

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