Our sleep well-being

The most recent research and information on gut health and sleep suggests a strong connection between the health of our gut and sleep well-being. As we are now finding out that our gut health not only supports our daily well-being but also affects our sleep potential ability. A lack of sleep also impacts on our friendly gut bacteria influencing our overall gut health and well-being.


Our brain and gut know each other well

Have you heard of the gut-brain axis? The main connection pathway between your gut and brain. It is a two way communication pathway of your gut microbiome and brain neurotransmitters relaying information to each other. The two way conversation between what we now know as the gut-brain axis. The gut-brain axis pathway is the constant flow of information that is shared between our brain and gut, it is directly related to mood, immunity, neurotransmitter production, sleep quality and much more.


The happy neurotransmitter

Some of our most essential neurotransmitters are produced by our gut. Both our brain and gut play a role in our neurotransmitter production. Over 90 percent of serotonin is made in the gut. Serotonin is our happy neurotransmitter, helping us with relaxation, mood and supports us in feeling less stressed. A happy gut supports our sleep, mood, including helping support a positive stress response in the body and our complete well-being.


Gut bacteria and our sleep clock

When we sleep are bodies are often still busy but in a different way. During sleep, restoration is happening for the next day ahead. Bone remodeling, brain information processing and healthy cell renewal are all active processes that occur predominately while we peacefully sleep. Our gut bacteria is also thought to alter in their activity between the day and night, playing a vital role in the natural circadian cycle in the body.


The natural sleep aid

The change in our gut bacteria during the day and night impacts on our sleep wellness. Gut bacteria has a key role in helping the everyday regulation of our sleep genes. The normal action of our sleep genes is to help regulate our circadian rhythm in the body, including our sleep switch deciding on when and for how long we sleep for each and every night. We know when we get less sleep our gut microbiome changes, resulting in less diversity and low levels of friendly bacteria. This change in friendly gut bacteria levels can then affect our mood, immunity and sleep patterns.


What pre and probiotics will help?

The good news is the more diversity of gut bacteria we have, the more chance we have of a better nights sleep. Having a diverse range of friendly gut bacteria helps us not only sleep well but supports daily health with many beneficial actions on immunity and much more. Including movement into our day, physical exercise, a wholefood diet and better quality sleep all help our friendly gut bacteria levels. But in times of extra stress or a busy lifestyle additional support can be required. Multi-strain probiotics and bioactive wholefood prebiotics that help as probiotic fuel are an ideal option for supporting our well-being, feelings of stress, helping mood and optimal wellness for better health and a blissful nights sleep.