I grew up with a mother who was naturally minded, particularly in our daily diet. She would nurture us with what was then seen as strange bread, milk and other ‘interesting’ tasting things. Fast forward a few more years, and that influence remained as I found myself professionally retraining as a Naturopath.

I now realised how much my mother instinctively knew. She may even have proven to me the truth in the expression “Mums are always right.”

When I chose to work towards a Bachelor of Natural Medicine, I chose a Naturopathic college that was evidence-based and focussed on clinical research. Since graduating in 2004 I have used my degree to actively work in the education sector.


I am passionate about teaching the importance of natural health, and the proven ‘simple’, or natural ways it can help families. As a mum, I know how hard taking time for our own health can be in our busy lifestyles. I believe it is important to follow a health regime that is both easily sustainable and is suited to your families’ lifestyle.


Like many New Zealander’s, I grew up eating a lot of animal-based products, but over the years my consumption of these products has reduced drastically.


From my own experience, when my son was old enough to be introduced to solid foods. I started looking more at the options within a plant-based diet. It was important to me to gift my son what I knew were the best nutrition choices as he developed his palette. I wanted to ensure when he was old enough to make his own food choices, he would instinctively reach for vegetables – plant-based options.


Research suggests that when you introduce a child to a wide variety of vegetables at an early age, (4-6mths), a child is more inclined to continue eating vegetables as they grow older. It was this research that led me to start my own plant-based based baby and toddler food company.


Plant-based nutrition is becoming increasingly more popular, and has provided us with many new, and different ways to nourish our families. Even with small changes, such as implementing a ‘Meat-free Monday’, the benefits on our lifestyles and the environment are huge.


I would like to help you navigate what is often a confusing ‘nutrition choice space’ in our lives with simple, practical tips and recipes that don’t require you to buy a whole new pantry of staple items. Why not begin your journey to wellness with us?