Our Story

Specialists in plant-based wellness, Lifestream is 100% New Zealand owned. Trusted for nearly 40 years, and the pioneer of Spirulina and Aloe Vera in Australasia, we know New Zealander’s, their lifestyles, and how best to support them on their journey to wellness.

Naturally Plant-Based

We believe the most natural and effective nutrition for the human body is found in plant-based whole foods.

Pure, organic, GMO-free, with no artificial colours flavours and sweeteners (where possible).
We are proud to create powerful superfoods while remaining in Mother Nature’s good books.

100% NZ owned

By remaining 100% New Zealand owned we have stayed connected with New Zealanders, their lifestyles, and know exactly what they need to live an energised life.

Sustainably Sourced

Product sourcing with integrity is of utmost importance to us.
We want to know every detail of the sourcing process. From where an ingredient was grown, through to the farming practices and working conditions. Because we don't keep secrets, we make sure this information readily available to anyone interacting with us.


Plant-based foods and plant-based lifestyles are not only good for your health but benefit our environment too. Providing our bodies with a natural, and powerful combination of antioxidants, active constituents, minerals, vitamins, and biodiversity.