There is nothing worse than having problematic skin, especially as a small child. When the skin becomes dry and irritated it can be a cruel cycle to break, the more it is scratched the more irritated it becomes and the more it flares up. Skin conditions seem to be more common in children as they adapt to new food and environmental inputs (detergents/clothing/skin products). Upset skin can interfere with their sleep, mood and general day to day living.

Sometimes dairy has been linked to exacerbating certain conditions. Often those who are trying to eliminate what their skin is reacting to are advised to reduce dairy consumption in order to help clear up their skin.

The skin loves fatty acids and needs nutrients to help it heal and maintain its health. Lifestream celebrates the use of Aloe Vera for this very purpose. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to help heal an irritated digestive system, to topically soothe, help repair and lock in moisture to irritated skin. Plant based omega 3 is also essential to help support skin health, as it imparts all the health benefits you need from Omega 3 (usually found in Fish oil) without the heavy metal contamination or oxidation you get from some fish oils.

The gut is also closely linked to skin health. Our microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria that need to be in the best balance for optimal health, and often an unhealthy gut can lead to reactive skin. Probiotics can help adjust this balance to get your skin looking as best it can.

Plant based foods are high in antioxidants which help fight oxidative damage caused by pollution, sun damage and poor diet. These factors all drastically age and effect the skin. Berries in particular are high in flavoniods and polyphenols which all contribute to a healthy heart, circulation and skin (by bringing all the nutrients to the skin cells).

Plant based living is choosing less processed foods, which usually means reduced sugar and salt intake. Sugar and Salt have been shown to have a negative effect on skin health and increases the ageing process. By increasing how many plants you eat daily you are helping to support healthier skin and better skin recovery and regeneration for those that have reactive skin issues.