Easy super nutrients for boosting energy

Plant powered superfoods are an easy way to top-up on energy. Adding them to your daily diet helps to give you more fuel for the day or week ahead. Spirulina, Barley Grass and Super Berries are all superfood ingredients to boost energy and support wellness.

The essential ingredients for health are more than the food we eat. It is our lifestyle, emotional and physical health that also contribute to our overall well-being.


See the five wellness tips to include into your week to help as an energy boost.


  1. Including rest & recovery – (R&R) finding the right balance between life, work, family, and down time is not always easy to achieve. Usually we are left to trying make all work. Picking our top priorities can help us find a bit more balance. Finding what works best for you is vital in working out the top weekly priorities for you. Enough time-out could be half an hour, or it may be a few hours depending on your own needs and what helps you relax. Book in your R&R weekly time slot.
  2. Quality Sleep – it is not only the amount of sleep hours we get but our quality of sleep that is important for your emotional and physical health. Trying for a regular bedtime, less blue light stimulation and electronic device use and getting to bed by 11pm for helping to establish a quality deep sleep pattern for total well-being.
  3. Exercise – find what you most enjoy and incorporate it into your regular routine. Find out if you are a morning workout person or an end of day exerciser and try for 3-4 times a week at a pace that suits you.
  4. Super nutrients – A quick way to have an energy pick me up is to include superfood powders into an energy power smoothie or plant based portions with every meal.
  5. Gut health – Having healthy digestion helps with the uptake and absorption of nutrients from our food and conversion of our macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fats for energy. Supporting a healthy gut microbiome supports immunity, our stress response and supports optimal energy levels.

Including the five wellness tips into your week or starting with two or three can help us find the re-set button and re-energise us. These can help boost us for the start of the year as we get back into our daily routine.