Weight is a hard topic for us all. Losing weight or gaining weight it is all so personal to anyone it effects. In our modern age, food is not only more abundant but more processed and more interfered with than ever before. Plant based approach to living brings it back to how it should be. Plants that we can identify, plants we can use for our health and our wellbeing. Plants that support us through the day and help give us the support we need to lose or keep some weight. Plant based is naturally high in fibre which naturally keeps us feeling more full. When we are wanting to lose some weight what we often struggle with is that feeling of hunger. Fibre helps us to feel more full, so we are less inclined to reach for something we don’t want to eat. It also helps to regulate our digestion and bowel motions which is important for energy and health.

Also – products that are made up of naturally occurring phytochemicals and liver supporting constituents like chlorophyll help the body eliminate waste and extra ‘loads’ it no longer needs to hold on to. Lifestream has formulated products that celebrate the best of plant-based approach to help support any weight management approach. Nutrient dense and full of liver and gut supporting actives, Lifestream celebrates you as you try and get your health back on track.