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Soothes digestion while providing extra gut support.
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If you're suffering from indigestion, an upset stomach, acid reflux or generally poor digestive function, Gut Soothe (FKA Ultimate Gut Soothe) is a probiotic and prebiotic formula designed to help improve your gut health and provide relief. Packed in 100% Sugarcane Plastic packaging - kerbside recyclable.
  • Contains pre + probiotics for your gut health
  • Supports + soothes your digestive comfort
  • Supports your regularity + digestive health
  • 100% natural tropical flavour
  • Also contains Meriva® Turmeric, a patented bioavailable curcumin complex with the full range of curcuminoids

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Gut Soothe

Soothes digestion while providing extra gut support.

    We truly believe the most natural and effective nutrition for the human body is found in plant-based whole foods.