Easy Healthy Recipes

Whether you're craving a delicious veggie burger or a breakfast smoothie, our healthy food recipes cover it all. Browse our recipes to boost your health today.

Here's a great weeknight recipe that you can put together in minutes! Featuring our Lifestream Spirulina powder, this Spirulina Pesto recipe can be used with dips or stir into pasta to create a vegetarian meal that's loaded with protein, iron and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Give it a try!

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Here's a great recipe for the school or work lunchbox when you need a quick energy pick-me-up or healthy snack. Not only do they taste delicious, but they're packed with protein from our Spirulina Bioactive powder to support your energy levels throughout the day. Give it a try!

energy, Organic Spirulina, Spirulina

A super easy smoothie recipe using everyday ingredients, but packs in loads of energy power with its powerful superfood ingredient - Spirulina. Great for an energy pick-me-up.

energy, Organic Spirulina, Spirulina

These yummy wholefood treats are a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth without spiking the blood sugar. Make these ahead for an easy snack that’s packed with nutrients, and swap in your favourite Lifestream supplements to tailor them to your nutritional needs!

BREAKFAST PREP TIME 5 minutes SERVES One INGREDIENTS ½ cup rolled oats (gluten free if required)  ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 100mls...

breakfast, cc flax, healthy diet, muesli

BAKING By Lifestream | June 21, 2020 PREP TIME 25 minutes SERVES 6-8 INGREDIENTS Lifestream Apple Berry Crumble with our...

apple-berry crumble, baking, super berries

PREP TIME: 5-10 minutes SERVES: 4-5 INGREDIENTS A delicious twist on the best banana bread, dusted with a sweet coconut...

banana, bread, coconut, ginger, honey ginger syrup

By Lifestream | April 1, 2021 PREP TIME Prep: 30 mins Cook:40 mins plus chilling time SERVES 8 INGREDIENTS flour...

baking, chocolate tart, Spirulina, super berries, treat

SMOOTHIE By Karin Spicer N.D, Lifestream Naturopath | February 2, 2020 PREP TIME 5 minutes SERVES One INGREDIENTS 1 banana...

Natural Calcium, SMOOTHIE