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You might notice things like cold hands and feet, cooler body temperature, and less energy when you're heart isn't getting the support it needs. Luckily, you can help your heart and its support network system (aka cardiovascular system) with some really simple choices.

The constant and prolonged demands of a busy and stressful lifestyle can very quickly put you into energy deficit.  At these times your body draws on the nutrients you’ve just eaten, and as well as the nutrients that have been stored as back up. If you leave it too long to eat, tiredness and fatigue are the first signs that you’re running on empty.

This is a common question, especially for those who live busy hectic lifestyles with no spare time to be unwell, and is quickly asked at the first sign of illness. 

With a few quick changes to your diet and habits, coupled with immune supporting supplements, you can quickly support your immune system to work at its best.

Some obvious signs that your immune system is hard at work for you include swelling, pain, inflammation, increased mucus production, tiredness, and fever.  While it can be uncomfortable, it’s a good sign that your immune system is doing its job, and a good reminder to help it out. By doing so, you’re also reducing the chances of other invaders and infection. 

Well, it is a bit of a science, and there’s no one answer that fits all.  If in doubt, always check the label first.  Otherwise, here’s a general guide as to when it’s best to take your supplements.

Your body is a fine-tuned-energy-making machine and relies on you to provide it with nutrients and water to create that energy.  Now that sounds simple, especially if you like eating right? The process that takes place behind the scenes after you’ve tasted, chewed, and enjoyed your food is actually fairly complex.  

As the years go by, it’s a natural fact of life that our skin begins to age with us.  

Your skin is your largest organ and (apart from your digestive tract) is the only organ exposed to the outside world! It plays many roles: keeping all your internal bits tidily tucked away, preventing most toxins and bacteria from getting in, detoxifying, and acting as a thermostat to keep your body cool or warm.   

There’s a simple answer to this one! The better your gut health, the better your digestion, and the more nutrition you’ll get from your food. You also need your gut to be in great shape to have great immune health.   

You might have gone for years happily eating all things gluten and dairy, and then started to notice a change in the way your body is responding to them.  Or maybe you’ve become accustomed to pooping every 3-7 days, passing wind perpetually, or feel bloated and tired after meals - because it’s been going on for so long it’s now your “norm”.  If you’re challenged with these and other problems like irregular or perpetual bowel emptying, or daily digestive discomfort, they’re indicators that your gut needs some extra TLC.