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Targeted support for optimal gut wellness to help improve regularity and comfort, in 3 capsules and 2 tsp of powder daily.
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Some of us require a little extra support to maintain a healthy gut - maybe from time to time, maybe on a more lasting basis. Using a system such as our Advanced Gut Wellness pack, you can support your gut with the targeted formulas you need for more regularity and comfort.
  • Contains probiotics and prebiotics to restore gut flora balance
  • Promotes daily digestive health
  • Supports immune health

What's in the Bundle?

Aloe Vera 99.7% Inner Leaf Capsules 60 capsules - 1 month

You know that feeling after you've eaten when your tummy feels swollen and bloated? And clothes get a little more uncomfortable for awhile? This bloating is usually caused by excess gas production or poor digestion, and can be painful and unpleasant if it's not managed. The good news is that a healthy gastrointestinal system supported by Aloe Vera will be less likely to cause bloating and discomfort.

Gut Soothe 150g powder - 1 month

If you're suffering from indigestion, an upset stomach, acid reflux or generally poor digestive function, Gut Soothe is a probiotic and prebiotic formula designed to help improve your gut health and provide relief.

Probiotics 14 Strains 30 capsules - 1 month
1 cap 1-2 times daily for adults, or 1 cap daily for children 6-12

Do you have enough good guys in your gut fighting the fight to ensure optimal digestive health, no matter what you eat or what bugs you catch? If you are experiencing out of control sugar cravings, a slower than usual metabolism, digestive irregularity, or skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or itchy rashes, you might need additional support from a probiotic supplement to help restore your digestive wellbeing.

Digestive Enzymes+ 60 Capsules - 1-2 months
1-2 caps daily or as needed with a meal

We all love a good meal, but if you have regular digestive issues like bloating, gas, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea after eating, you’ve got to do something about it before it seriously cramps your good times (pun intended!) Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes is a broad combination blend of vegetarian enzymes specifically designed to aid the digestion of fat, carbohydrate, protein and raw food.

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Specialists in plant-based wellness, lifestream is 100% new zealand owned. trusted for nearly 40 years, and the pioneer of spirulina and aloe vera in australasia, we know new zealander’s, their lifestyles, and how best to support them on their journey to wellness.

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Advanced Support for Gut Wellness Pack

Targeted support for optimal gut wellness to help improve regularity and comfort, in 3 capsules and 2 tsp of powder daily.
Worth $154.60
Save $47.50!
  • 100% Kiwi Owned

    Born in 1980, Lifestream remains 100% New Zealand owned

  • Sustainably Sourced

    We only purchase ingredients from the best growers in sustainable regions.