Benefits of a plant based diet

Benefits of a plant based diet
Plant-based products and living has never been more popular than it is now – but why is that? Some say that plant-based is kinder to the body and the environment, as by choosing to consume more plants we are reducing our animal consumption (and animal-based products have a larger carbon footprint than plants through farming, methane production and land use). Other people opt for plant-based as a more ethical choice, or others choose it for the added health benefits.

We are all aware of the Mediterranean diet, as it has been long celebrated as a diet that helps with longevity. Those that live in this area of the world seem to enjoy better health than the rest of the world – and it is thought to be due to what they are consuming.  They are consume a large amount of plants and healthy plant oils like olive oil on a daily basis and have done for centuries. It is just the way they live.

This diet is high in antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids to help support healthy ageing, immunity and also active lifestyles. It is low in processed foods that often add extra salt, sugar, preservatives, and additives to the food to enhance taste but also have a very real effect on our metabolism and our digestion. Their choice of Plant-based eating is high in fibre, vitamins natural prebiotics and also essential fatty acids that support brain and eye health.

Consumption of dark green leafy vegetables helps supply their bodies with a natural source of chlorophyll and magnesium and also the essential vitamin K.

There are so many benefits to consuming more plants and with all its benefits what have you got to lose?