How Can I Improve My Energy Levels Naturally?

How Can I Improve My Energy Levels Naturally?

Your body is a fine-tuned-energy-making machine and relies on you to provide it with nutrients and water to create that energy.  Now that sounds simple, especially if you like eating right? The process that takes place behind the scenes after you’ve tasted, chewed, and enjoyed your food is actually fairly complex.  From the moment food enters your mouth, it begins to be digested, and continues to go through several additional digestive phases in order to be transformed into tiny molecules capable of entering your cells.  Your cells then utilise the molecules for energy conversion.  

So, in a nutshell, your body needs both (1) good food and water, and (2) great digestion to maximise your energy potential.   

Yes, your body can still produce energy on a fast-food, empty-calorie, low-nutrient diet - but only for so long.  Eventually cells will become less capable of efficient energy production, and you may start to notice times of low and short-lived energy, digestive disturbances or discomfort, disrupted sleep patterns, poor brain function, lowered immune defences and other health related issues.  No matter your age, the sooner you support your body by feeding it well, the sooner it can serve your optimal wellbeing. You’ll thank yourself when you reach your well-earned golden years! Keeping your gut happy and healthy plays a really important role, not just in energy, but also in your immune response and mood, brain function, and all round well-being.   

Your gut and diet are not the only things that affect your energy levels! While exercise demands that you to spend valuable energy, it can also fill your energy bank when done in moderation. Consider taking a 30-minute walk outside, it can do wonders to re-energise you after a day inside.  For some people, a 30-minute jog 3-4 times a week can also support feelings of vitality.     

Make mindful choices to create a work/life balance that doesn’t force you to over-commit yourself, so you get some down time too.  Aim to feel replenished and recharged on the other side.   

If your body is not getting what it needs, it will be sure to let you know, and low energy is one those ways!  If you’re having trouble getting the right fuel to fire up your machine, our Energy Pack for Busy Lives is an easy solution. It combines 3 great products to support sustained daily energy, ideal for maintaining a busy, or active lifestyle. 

How does it work? 

You've already got a lot on your plate, so we kept our Energy Pack simple: an everyday Spirulina supplement to support high performance and help your body recover after a long day; Probiotics for gut, immunity, and vitamin production support; and a Multi Vitamin to make sure you've got everything you need to get through a busy day feeling good!

Spirulina: Our Spirulina Blue Extra provides additional strength, plant-sourced energy and antioxidant support with higher levels of phycocyanin (one of the super-beneficial components of spirulina) than our other spirulina products. This spirulina supports high performance and muscle recovery, providing protection against oxidative stress and an additional source of iron, vitamins and minerals to support increased energy demands.

Multi Vitamin: Our Multi Vitamin+ offers an easy way to fill in nutritional gaps with an all-natural blend of concentrated nutrition sourced completely from wholefood and natural nutrients for maximum absorption.

Probiotics:  Our Probiotics with 14 strains is able to colonise the entire gastrointestinal tract to promote daily digestive health, supporting immunity and vitamin production.

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