When should I take my supplements?

When should I take my supplements?

Well, it is a bit of a science, and there’s no one answer that fits all.  If in doubt, always check the label first.  Otherwise, here’s a general guide as to when it’s best to take your supplements:

  • “Take with food” instructions aim to help maximise absorption while your digestion is fired up - your digestive enzymes are at their peak and ready to get to work.
  • For stress, energy, and a busy lifestyle, most formulas are designed to get you through the day, so it’s best to take them in the first 3/4’s of you workday. Avoid taking at night as their energising effect can disturb your sleep.
  • For immune health it may be necessary to take them throughout the day and night
  • For sleep, they’re best taken in the evening - usually with your last meal and before bed is best
  • For antioxidant support they’re usually taken at equal intervals throughout the whole day
  • For alkalising support they’re also best taken at equal intervals throughout the whole day
  • For digestion, some are taken between meals for digestive comfort, while others are recommended around main mealtimes to maximise digestion. Most labels have instructions. 
  • For specific health conditions, it’s best to get qualified advice, as dosing and timing can sometimes differ on the same product.
  • With medications it’s always best to check with your healthcare professional for safety.


      A busy schedule?

      Keep a supply in your desk, bag, or gym bag for backup when you forget at home.  Tip: Check storage instructions on the label, supplements don’t keep well in hot places. 

      If you struggle to remember every day, make it easy on yourself and take them when you are already preparing food.  Or consider what you do routinely every day, e.g., brushing your teeth, and put your supplements there to remind you!  It only takes about 3-4 days of consistently taking them before it becomes routine.  Consistent consumption equals consistent results. 

      Apart from probiotics, most capsules can be opened and added to a smoothie - tablets (and powders) can be easily thrown into the blender too.  Be sure to check it’s ok to add to warm or hot liquids. E.g., oils, liposomals, and other fat-soluble vitamins can be damaged and end up having a negative effect rather than a beneficial one. 

      If you’re still not sure after reading this, get in touch, and our Naturopath will help to answer any questions.