The busy effect – which type of busy are you?

The busy effect – which type of busy are you?
By Lifestream | August 2, 2020


The habit of being busy is often part of our modern day lifestyle. Rushing from one activity or commitment to another, easily becomes part of our normal routine. Being motivated, busy and achieving much can be a positive inclusion in our life. It is when we are rushing from one task to the next with no in-between, productiveness or joy that then only being busy can be anything but helpful for our wellness.

Finding out what works best for you can help with higher productivity, inner contentment, fulfillment and nourish your well-being. Read more about the different busy personality types below to find out which type fits you. Discover the top tips to help you work at your best and support you to thrive for everyday well-being.

The 7 types of busy

1. The busy over-achiever

When busyness is your key driver and source of well-being

This when being busy is part of everyday self-worth, this may be even if its a burden emotionally and physically on you.

Its difficult to find balance, as having high goals is a driver for you. A common trait in over-achievers or perfectionists. Finding an activity that you are passionate about can help as it allows another energy outlet and focus other then one primary commitment.

2. The busy martyr

Naturally this type of busy personality is capable of carrying much workload and responsibility.

Being a natural martyr means you are always wanting to do more then others. This means you take much more on then you may need too.

Meditation and relaxation techniques or exercises like yoga can be of benefit for this type of busy. Helping you unplug and disconnect at times for relaxation and switching off from the busy and natural high desire to do it all.

3. The distracted busy

Being constantly busy to help distract from other areas in life.

We may all do this to a degree at different times. But when it is a constant it can drain our energy and help make us less productive and happy. Finding space to include activities that bring you content is an essential element. Also looking at letting go what is holding you back from your inner potential.

4. The comfortable busy

Being constantly busy with the known.

This is busy with comfort, only being busy in small areas of your life or being busy only with the known and comfortable. Trying or including new activities or new experiences into your day or week can help growth and trust in the new. Allowing you to spread your wings and become who you long to be.

5. The chaotic busy

Everything is busy and organisation is not always a strong point. As you fill up your day with all you seek to do.

A common busy type for individuals with a high creative drive. Seeking many tasks and wanting to complete them all. Usually a very capable type but super busy all the time. Finding down time in some way is important for this busy type as switching off does not come easily. A balance between destressing and juggling lots at any given time is a natural make up for this type of busy. Including time away and encouraging more of the unplanned into their week, to help reset is a vital way to help provide clarity and focus for this type of busy.

6. The busy pleaser

Wanting to help everyone and achieve all that is needed.

There is never enough time for these busy types. They naturally take lots on and are capable of doing much even to their own undoing. Finding some time out and boundaries are essential ways to help manage their need to never stop.

7. The confidence busy

This is often due to not wanting to let anyone down.

Similar to the busy pleaser that have a natural inner drive to help those around them. Not wanting to let down anyone and a reluctance to say no. Discovering what works for them and having the confidence to voice any concerns can help alongside setting healthy boundaries about what works best for them.

When we are always busy we do not get the chance to look deeper at anything and see what may work best for us.

Finding out what drives you and your inner wellness helps more then yourself and encourages your best productivity supporting you to thrive for better emotional and physical health for your everyday well-being.