The key ingredients for well-being

The key ingredients for well-being
By Lifestream | July 12, 2020

Our physical and emotional health are often interconnected. What may affect our emotional well-being also impacts on our physical health. This is widely known as the emotional well-being connection.



The everyday things we do or what we include in our day or week all help to set up our well-being potential. Common factors such as stress, lack of sleep and diet or lifestyle can influence daily health and our gut bacteria. We know that our gut flora does so much more then just digestion, it helps our mood, immunity, skin and stress response in the body.

Our foods we eat within our diet can impact on our wider health over-time, influencing our well-being ability. Plants foods can provide vital nutrition and act as prebiotics, helping support our gut microbiome and overall health. Simple everyday habits such as the way we get movement into our day or our physical exercise routine also can help as a natural health tonic to our day.



Both exercise and our food help to support our brain neurotransmitter function, boosting our gut bacteria diversity, immune cell activity and endorphins in the body making us feel good. Giving us much more then nutrients and helping with a total well-being effect.

How we eat, sleep, workout, perform and recover all contribute to our wellness levels. The latest information shows us that our nutrition, sleep, stress and our mental and physical activity impacts much more then just our gut health. It influences key pathways for our body, from mood to energy and joint mobility alongside brain health.



Getting enough of our everyday essentials is vital for our well-being. The way we work, our dietary habits, sleep patterns, and recovery time are all potential well-being factors for our everyday health.



  • Including what you enjoy – whether that is a favorite past time or hobby that helps you feel happy. Finding a non-negotiable time for it in your day or week.
  • Pre and Probiotics – help support gut health and therefore our mood and immunity. Getting enough plant fibre, fermented foods or probiotic supplementation if more support is needed. Probiotics not only help our healthy levels of gut bacteria but our skin, immunity and our stress levels.
  • Compassion – giving the free gift of compassion to someone you know and equally passing on kindness to those we may not know, such as offering a helping hand if we can or a smile to help lift someones day.
  • Breathing – our breathing helps to manage or balance the nervous system response in the body. The way we breathe has the ability to help down regulate or up regulate our stress response, slow controlled breathing like in meditation supports deep relaxation helping us de-stress. Nasal breathing can help to restore and calm the nervous system. Alternative nasal breathing can work as an effective way to drop stress and find calm. It is a perfect relaxation tool for using before going to bed, helping you unwind, let go of tension and busy thoughts.
  • Practising slow living – This trending to do wellness technique is more about fitting in quantity over quantity. Making sure you include more of your yes into your week and know that it is okay to also have a no for the less important tasks. Helping us find more balance and the more essential tasks for your well-being.
  • Recovery nutrients – depending on your own individual needs as to what may work best for you. Super nutrient whole foods such as spirulina, natural magnesium or calcium alongside the powerful plant antioxidant astaxanthin for total cell and body protection.

The idea of slow living or the slow down movement helps you find focus on your most important tasks and supports your well-being. Encouraging more productivity within a set pace or focus rather then over multi-tasking. Meaning less rushing and helping you re-set and prioritise what is important to you.



Typically the slow down movement includes lessening your rush time and the overwhelming need to do everything, encouraging you to lead your life with your inner purpose, also having community connection, helping others in need and lowering the need for hyper connection, unplugging and allowing time away from digital to detox and recharge. Helping you achieve more of the good stuff.

Finding the ways that work best for you and your everyday well-being are the key ingredients for staying well and supporting your health. Including wholefood nutrients, probiotics, or energy and sleep supporting ingredients into your routine helps to further support your day or week and help as optimal well-being nutrition. Helping you find more goodness waiting in your week ahead alongside nourishing your well-being.