The top four ingredients for inner well-being

The top four ingredients for inner well-being
By Lifestream | September 27, 2020

It has been mental health awareness week, helping us shine a light on the impact poor emotional health has on our whole well-being.

Whether it is yourself or someone you know, helping support those in need can simply be reaching out and asking if they are okay or offering support if you suspect someone may need it. Reaching out and helping others by practising compassion or making time to check in and spending time with those in need may all be helpful ways to offer more support. Sometimes it is not that simple and more support may be required.



Our typical modern lifestyle often includes large to-do lists and many daily commitments. Being busy takes up much time, it is easy to just become busy with all that we typically try to fit into the day but our busy pace also contributes to our emotional health.

There are different types of busy, a very chaotic busy when things are always full on but seemly there is no end satisfaction. It is the elusive busy, you are always trying to reach the end, for it to only become your constant pace with no fulfillment.

Then there is the purposeful busy, this type of busy does allow us to find inner contentedness at some point. As we are busy but we are also thriving within the busy pace. This type of busy often occurs when we are following our inner purpose or passion. Although we are busy we also become energised because we are fulfilled.

But any kind of busy can become draining if there is no let-up from it. Finding your time out is an essential survival tool for emotional and physical well-being.



Holidays – Including regular down time is vital for on-going wellness. Whether that is every few months or the time frame that best suits you, everyone is different. Recent information shows that even booking a holiday helps us from feeling down. At the moment, supporting our own back yard is important for many reasons, getting out exploring New Zealand and nature can help our own well-being too.

Physical Movement – What works best for you is the most ideal way to include some kind of exercise into your week. Aiming for 30-60 minutes every other day can be a great starting point. Enjoying what we do will help us pull through on the days when our motivational is low. Some individuals find motivation through competition or goal orientation so if this you, book in the next competition or goal to help inspire you achieve what you would like to do.

Plant Nutrition – Whether we following any kind of diet, boosting our micronutrients through the goodness of greens helps us all with optimal fuel for energy and vitality. Superfoods such as spirulina offer bioactive ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are in easy to absorb forms that our body can utilise and uptake well for daily well-being. Incorporating greens and superfood nutrients alongside a fresh wholefood diet helps to naturally boost and support everyday wellness.

Our Everyday – What we do everyday influences our well-being most of all. What we spent our time on and fill up our day with helps us stay well.  Getting enough sleep, nutrition, inspiration, recovery and supporting our everyday gut health helps to nourish us, acting as wellness ingredients for better well-being. Putting our energy into what inspires us and helps to fulfill us supports our whole well-being. Working on or towards what really drives you and our inner happiness all help to support our physical and emotional wellness.

Our busy pace can be with purpose and then it does help to serve us, alongside the balance of other essential wellness ingredients such as rest and recovery, diet, time-out and including your favorite activities and passions all help set us up for healthy well-being.

As we move forward into the seasonal change of spring-time, the longer sunshine hours help as a simple uplift and naturally give us more time in our day. Finding what works best for you not only energises but helps you to thrive, working to support overall health & well-being for more vitality and emotional wellness.