How to achieve everyday wellness

How to achieve everyday wellness
By Lifestream | September 6, 2020


As the seasons change, our days begin to stretch out with the longer daylight hours and our nights feel shorter. We can start to feel the busy pace of springtime once again. For many of us, it is a welcome transition into lighter and longer days filled with warm spring sunshine. The seasonal change often brings with it a new pace in our daily routine, making more on your to-do list to fit in alongside work, family, and other commitments among our new normal.

Our everyday wellness can benefit from additional support during this time. Helping us to stay well and look after ourselves when we may need it most of all. The change into spring can typically be hard for those who struggle with allergies, poor immunity and in our new normal where stress and lack of sleep may be impacting us more so.



  1. Finding calm – having rest and recovery in our life and within our week, helps us to stay well and keep our immune system functioning at its optimal potential. Pressing the re-set button is a vital part to staying well. Whatever works to help restore your inner calm, should be an important part of your week. Whether that is movement from the gym to yoga or maybe quiet time away or being outdoors in nature. But making sure there is some time put aside for you to enjoy and invite calm back into your week.
  2. Quality Sleep – Getting enough sleep ( 7-9 hours) and at the most optimal time is essential for mental and physical well-being. Trying to set up a healthy routine where possible, going to bed between 10-11pm helps our five stages of sleep from non-rapid eye movement (NREM), rapid eye movement (REM), light sleep to deep sleep and dreaming. It is not only our total hours of sleep that matter, it is our time within each of the sleep stages that helps benefit us most of all, helping with healthy immunity, gut health, mood and energy levels.
  3.  Including wholefoods –  This helps boost our nutrient and fibre uptake, helping with natural prebiotic support, nourishes our gut health, boosts immunity, mood and of course our energy levels acting as fuel for the day ahead.
  4. Supporting everyday immunity –  Using well-known botanical ingredients such as elderberry and olive leaf for powerful everyday immune protection, scientifically researched wholefood ingredients like NZ Livaux®, a bioactive golden kiwifruit full of potent polyphenols and a super prebiotic action for gut and immune health. Effective and potent natural ingredients to power and support our everyday wellness.

Including Lifestream Viro Resist as everyday protection with its double action effect for both gut and immunity, can help as additional immune support. The unique double action of Viro Resist acts an super prebiotic for healthy gut flora alongside helping support the everyday immune response in the body.

The NZ bioactive wholefood ingredient Livaux® is a scientifically researched ingredient for immune and gut health. Livaux has a specialized super prebiotic action on the gut bacteria Faecalibacterium Prasnitzii (F. Prau), this type of friendly gut bacteria is an essential strain for healthy gut and immune function. Poor levels of F. Prau is commonly associated with on-going gut issues and our overall immune health. F. Prau is a strain of bacteria that is vital for wellness and a healthy response in the body.

Up to 80 percent of our immune cells are located within the gut. Our gut bacteria ratio and balance is
closely interlinked with our immune response in the body. Livaux® provides the following immune, gut and well-being effects:

• Strengthens the immune system (first and second line of defence)
• Aids healthy gut flora function
• Natural source of vitamin C, polyphenols and fibre
• No artificial, colours, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives



Including small but achievable immune bites into our week help set up good habits and support for our on-going wellness. Helping with everyday immune protection for 365 day support when we may require additional well-being nutrients and ingredients for a healthy immune response, resulting in extra immune protection for year-round support.