Three easy ways to boost your Vitamin C

Three easy ways to boost your Vitamin C


By Lifestream Naturopath | June 11, 2021

Boost your Vitamin C – The superhero immune ingredient

Our need for vitamin C greatly increases when we are unwell or in times of extra stress, during these times we may need more support and vitamin C. This superhero ingredient helps support white blood cell activity the immune warriors of our immune system. Eating well, is not always an easy task amongst a busy lifestyle. Lucky for us, there are some easy ways to up our daily Vitamin C intake.

Boosting our immune nutrients can help in our everyday health, immune protection, and winter wellness.

Stay well this winter, by including the following top Vitamin C nutrient boosting tips into your day

  • Include more whole foods and plant-based foods into your day. Think more greens like broccoli, mustard greens, spinach, the loved or dreaded brussel sprouts. The greens also contain non-heme(plant-based) iron that are ideal, paired with Vitamin C food sources to help optimal absorption. Other Vitamin C food sources include peppers, and super fruits such as berries, kiwifruits and the citrus fruits, mandarins, oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes.


  • Add in extra vitamin C support, especially in those times of more need during work, everyday stress, a busy lifestyle, increased physical exercise or poor immunity. Lifestream Vitamin C Pro Liposomal Capsules are a unique and scientifically researched plant based pro-liposomal vitamin C all in an easy to take capsule. Ready to just add a dose of wellness into your day for alongside your normal morning routine.


  • Maintain optimal gut health, which will help us obtaining nutrients from our food such as vitamin C, but also aids better absorption and health. Using a multi-strain probiotic such as Lifestream Advanced 14 Strain Probiotic may help support not only everyday healthy digestion, gut flora but our supports our absorption power, to help our complete well-being.