What Can I Do to Support My Immune Health Quickly?

What Can I Do to Support My Immune Health Quickly?

This is a common question, especially for those who live busy hectic lifestyles with no spare time to be unwell, and is quickly asked at the first sign of illness. The common symptoms are usually fatigue, or a runny nose, a scratchy throat, blocked sinuses, headaches, chills - or perhaps aggravation of symptoms related to a pre-existing condition. Take a cold sore for example, caused by the herpes simplex virus, early warning signs can include tingling, itching, burning, or increased sensitivity at the site of previous outbreaks. Taking action quickly after seeing these signs can stop an infection in its tracks.

With a few quick changes to your diet and habits, coupled with immune supporting supplements, you can quickly support your immune system to work at its best.


Dairy -wholefood dairy products (milk, crema, butter, yoghurt, cheeses etc) can increase mucus production and congestion. Dairy products are also acid forming and negatively impact your pH (acid/alkaline) balance - when you’re unwell your pH becomes more acidic, and adding dairy only adds to that.

Refined and processed sugars - sugar raises your blood sugar levels and this has been shown to increase inflammation and weaken your immune system’s ability to respond to infection. These kinds of sugars can also cause quickly drive gut bacteria imbalances, which also harms immune function. Artificial and added sweeteners also fall into this group. 

Alcohol - like refined sugars, alcohol can disrupt your gut microbiome, cause inflammation, impair other important organs, and compromise your immune system. Alcohol has also been found to negatively impact lung function and the ability to clear infection. 

Processed and fast foods – This includes heavily processed packet and preserved foods that contain preservatives and additives to enhance flavour, colour and shelf life. Fried foods can cause an imbalance in your ratio of healthy dietary omega fats, causing pro-inflammatory fats to dominate. Increased inflammation challenge’s immune function – just like processed sugar and alcohol.


Foods rich in vitamins like C, D, Zinc, B vitamins and antioxidants with each meal – that means primarily fruits and vegetables.  Eat all the colours of the rainbow for the greatest variety!

Get good rest and avoid stressors where you can – rest and sleep time allows your body to repair and heal, so it's best to get an early night in (or 2) when you feel the first signs of fatigue or illness. 

Supplements – you don’t have to do it alone.  There are specific herbs and nutrients that are top of the list to take at the first sign of infection, and with the right dosing can help stop an infection before it takes hold. Save yourself the headache of confusing research, and make sure you get some expert advice from a natural health practitioner specific to you and your situation - like our very own naturopath, Kim. 

Our naturopath helped us put together Fast Acting Immune Support Pack, a powerful immune support trio to help you support your immune system when it’s being challenge by a viral infection. Not just for those winter ills and chills, these are great for year-round support.   

How does it work?

This awesome little trio combines a high potency Vitamin C supplement for everyday immune support, Kiwi Gold Biotics for immune and gut flora support, and the fast-acting Viro Strike for instant relief from cold symptoms.

Vitamin C: Our Vitamin C Pro Liposomal capsules provide a unique, scientifically researched, plant based pro liposomal form of Vitamin C to deliver superior uptake and absorption than regular Vitamin C, and a specialised 24-hour release effect for lasting immune and antioxidant protection.

Kiwi Gold: Our Kiwi Gold Biotics combines the wholefood, nutrient-rich goodness of New Zealand grown gold kiwifruit (including its unique prebiotic action) with added probiotics. Both are scientifically researched to boost immunity and restore gut microbiome balance for optimal daily wellbeing.

Viro Strike: When a cold or flu catches you out, Viro Strike is a comprehensive, high-potency immune support formula that works to aid in relaxing a tight chest, loosen mucus and ease a dry tickly throat, with fast delivery in under 5 minutes.

The best part? You save $23.70 on these three great supplements by getting them in our Fast Acting Immune Support Pack.