How Can I Support My Everyday Immunity?

How Can I Support My Everyday Immunity?

Your immune system is a complex and clever system made up of a specialised army of blood cells and is divided into 2 groups; your innate immunity, and your adaptive immunity.

How does your immune system work?

Innate immunity is your first line of defence and acts immediately to defend against germs and foreign invaders, while adaptive immunity steps up if an invader manages to sneak in. 

Your adaptive immunity (aka 2nd line of defence) needs to first identify the invader before it can target it, and if it's unknown to your immune system it can take a little longer.  Although your 2nd line of defence might be slower to act, it has the ability to remember every invader it’s encountered, which enables it to respond much faster next time there’s an infection. 

Your immune cells reside in tissues and organs throughout the body, with about 70-80% in your intestinal tract, and is keeping you healthy behind the scenes all day every day.  Each time your immune cells go into battle they’re helping you build a stronger more resilient immune system, to defend against pathogens likes bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

Some obvious signs that your immune system is hard at work for you include swelling, pain, inflammation, increased mucus production, tiredness, and fever.  While it can be uncomfortable, it’s a good sign that your immune system is doing its job, and a good reminder to help it out. By doing so, you’re also reducing the chances of other invaders and infection. 

So what can you do?

You can support your everyday immunity by eating well, getting plenty of sleep, avoiding excessive stress, keeping your exposure to toxins low, exercising, and being happy. Combined, these practices have a positive and accumulative effect to help bolster your immunity, energy and stamina, helping you defend against illness and return to a healthy state much quicker. 

Eating well

Good food is rich in protective nutrients. The fruit and vegetable kingdom offers the widest array in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other unique phytochemicals that play multi-functional roles in your body to keep it well. They don’t just have a positive effect on your immunity, but your entire wellbeing!


Poor quality sleep and stress cause an increase in stress chemicals like cortisol. Long term elevation of cortisol has a negative effect on your immune system and nervous system, and your start to deplete levels of other vital nutrients as a result. Take Vitamin C for example - your body uses your stores of Vitamin C to help reduce and calm cortisol production, and if you don’t replenish your vitamin C stores, you become more susceptible to illness.


Toxins are plentiful in our world today and can be difficult for your body to process and excrete. If they can’t be excreted, your body stores them in an attempt to neutralise their impact. Stored toxins can place a burden on your immune system long term.


Regular and moderate exercising helps to increase immune cell production, helping to build up your immune "army". It also increases production of serotonin, the hormone that regulates mood, sleep, and appetite, which all make for a happier, healthier immune system. Endurance and intensive exercise can have the opposite effect on immune health by causing inflammation in the tissues, so if you participate in this kind of exercise, be especially aware and modify your diet and supplementation for added support.

Initiating and maintaining these simple practices keeps you on a path of wellbeing, but there will be times when you need the support of a supplement or 2 to help keep well. Sometimes life throws you curves balls that are simply unavoidable, like seasonal ills and chills, so we’ve put together a high potency immune supporting duo to help.

How does it work?

Our Everyday Immune Support Pack combines two high potency supplements to support your immune system: Vitamin C for immune and antioxidant protection, and Viro Resist, a super prebiotic for healthy gut flora to support your everyday immune response.

Vitamin C: Our Vitamin C Pro Liposomal capsules provide a unique, scientifically researched, plant based pro liposomal form of Vitamin C to deliver superior uptake and absorption than regular Vitamin C, and a specialised 24-hour release effect for lasting immune and antioxidant protection.

Viro Resist: Viro Resist combines scientifically researched Livaux®,  a wholefood bioactive extract from NZ gold kiwifruit, with the immune boosting herbs Elderberry and Olive leaf for everyday immune support. Combined with Pro Liposomal Vitamin C,  the unique double action of Viro Resist acts as a super prebiotic for healthy gut flora and supports the everyday immune response in the body.

The best part? You save $18.80 on these two great supplements by getting them in our Everyday Immune Support Pack.