5 easy + practical things you can do today to live more sustainably

5 easy + practical things you can do today to live more sustainably

To mark World Environment Day 2022, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have developed a Practical Guide on how to live sustainably in harmony with nature. Here's a sample of the top 5 easy and practical things you can do today to live more sustainably.

1. Balance your diet
Reduce foods that need more natural resources, especially water, to produce (meat uses more water than plants or pulses), or fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season or are imported over long distances.

2. Beyond buying
Think about what you really need and cut back the amount of stuff that you buy – and throw away. Choose items that are made to last and that can then be recycled or repurposed. Maybe you can find what you need second hand.

3. Fashion slow down
Buy fewer and better clothes that you still like even when they show their age. Stay away from fast fashion that mass produces at the cost of the environment and labour standards in poorer countries. Fashion is cyclical – create your own style with quality used clothes from decades ago!

4. Ditch disposables
Refuse everyday products that cannot be reused or recycled, such as plastic cups and cutlery, coffee takeaway cups, plastic and paper bags, batteries and sanitary products. There is nearly always a sustainable alternative!

5. Grow your own
Growing your own food not only saves you money. It also reduces the transport, packaging, and waste of food. Nurturing the plants in your yard or on your balcony can even improve your mental well-being.

To learn more download the World Environment Day 2022 Practical Guide here.