Lifestream’s Sustainability Story

Lifestream’s Sustainability Story
Specialists in plant-based wellness for nearly 40 years, Lifestream is 100% New Zealand owned. We know New Zealander’s, their lifestyles and how best to support them on their journey to wellness.

Sustainable sourcing is an ethos we live by, we want to know every detail of the sourcing process because we only purchase ingredients from the best growers in sustainable regions.

Take spirulina for instance we are proud to source organic spirulina from the finest spirulina supplier in the world.  Renowned not only for their quality, safety and nutrient density but their sustainable practices

Being 100% New Zealand owned, we know Kiwis goals to reduce plastic usage.

That’s why we’ve been busy brainstorming and creating products that not only provide vitality for humans, but products that nurture Mother Nature too.

Our refill shop is just one of many ways we will be looking to reduce our plastic footprint.

While we take a good hard look at our retail packaging solutions we want to reassure you that 98% of our retail product packaging has been manufactured by Pharmapac, a factory that has been certified against Enviro-Mark diamond standard. This means they must have an Environmental Management System (EMS), a planned approach to managing environmental impacts plus they must identify the significant environmental impacts arising from everything they do and then develop plans to prevent or reduce those impacts, so we are happy about that!

For more information on what that means for our world check out the link below:


We can’t do it alone and encourage an ecosystem of sustainability partners. We are always looking for new partners to help us do better, so if you’re developing the sustainable materials of the future, please reach out to us