As a Woman What Can I Do to Support My Health?

As a Woman What Can I Do to Support My Health?

As a woman your body is influenced by the natural hormonal fluctuations that take place throughout the month.  This is normal, but hey...not always easy.  There are 4 phases that happen during your monthly cycle which are designed to create the perfect environment for conception/growing the perfect mini-you.   

These hormonal fluctuations usually take place quietly in the background with no obvious impact on day-to-day life.  But when things aren’t running so smoothly, you might experience things like mood swings, disturbed digestion, skin issues, poor sleep, or maybe low energy. You might also notice they worsen at different times of the month, or even multiple times during the month. Premenstrual tension can cause some women to feel emotionally sensitive a few days before their period, while some can also experience it around day 10-14 of their cycle.  If you’re having these feelings, it’s a sign your body might need some help. 

Nutrition and lifestyle choices can help and is a great place to start.   No matter what your day-to-day life looks like, and how many roles you’re juggling, the demands on your body can be immense and have an accumulative effect.  And, if you’re responsible for feeding more than just yourself, the demands are even greater to find the winning formula.   

Your body needs a diverse range of nutrients, water, exercise, rest, and sleep to perform at its best, but when things get hectic it can be difficult to manage all of these. The good news is there are a few simple things you can do feel and look great, while your hormones carry on about the business.    

Let’s look your gut.  You can immediately support yourself by eating regular healthy meals and taking the time to stop and sit when eating.  Follow this with some time to rest and digest, and avoid rushing right back to the task you were doing.  Give your body, mind, and nervous system some valuable down time for at least 20-30 minutes at mealtimes so it can naturally digest and absorb all that good stuff you ate. How many of your meals this week have you eaten while multi-tasking?   

Are you pooping regularly and easily? Bowels that are not emptying every day can cause problems with skin, low energy, bloating, gas, and brain fog.  This can also affect the balance of your gut microbes, while also not allowing unwanted food waste, neutralised toxins, and downgraded hormones to be eliminated.   

Exercise is a great leveller for stress, energy, immunity, and mood.  You don’t need to be performing intensive exercise to get the benefit.  Moderate exercise can have a positively powerful impact on energy, mood, as well as healthy digestive and bowel function. 

Be mindful of your stress levels – how do they rate?  Have you become desensitised to how much stress you’re under – how long has it been going on for?   

Set yourself up to get good restful sleep, this is when your body can ‘download’ the day, reset, and support healing and recovery. Give yourself the same nurturing you give to others in life, but especially with your monthly bleed when your energy levels can wane a little, it’s to be expected.   

Avoid stimulants like coffee, alcohol, and sugar which can overstimulate your body, giving you a quick surge of energy but are ultimately draining. They commonly have a negative effect on nutrient stores, stress, and energy levels, including pre-menstrual symptoms.   

Finally, take note of the messages your body is sending and support it throughout the entire month.  As you continue to tune into these messages, you’ll start to notice the benefits of the changes you're making, no matter how small they seem, they will count. 

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If you are experiencing extreme, or consistent symptoms that are becoming unpleasant or even difficult to manage, and are causing significant disruption in your life, a visit to your health practitioner is probably in order.