How to actually enjoy exercising at home

How to actually enjoy exercising at home

For most of us mustering up the energy to exercise can be a struggle at the best of times. Let alone during a global pandemic! If you need accountability, a studio with people to compete with or the motivation of a personal trainer to break a sweat, then home workouts probably aren’t your vibe. But, nevertheless here we all are confined to our bubble for 23 hours a day (minus an hour outside for fresh air) so a home workout it is!



Whether you belong to a large chain gym or a smaller local studio, you’ll be surprised to discover how many are still virtually operating. Thanks to technology, gyms have been able to pivot to virtual workouts through YouTube, IGTV, live streaming and on-demand TV. You’ll also spot lots of celebrity trainers doing their bit to keep us inspired at home with daily live workouts on the daily.

Below are just a few of the home workouts to get excited about right now:

Les Mills on Demand – The online streaming platform boasts over 800 workouts ranging from high intensity interval training to targeted core workouts, which can be accessed via the mobile app or online. Or, for non-members, stream select Les Mills workouts for free on TVNZ on Demand – new classes go live each Monday.

F45 – Need extra motivation or craving a challenge? F45’s famous eight week challenge is kicking off offering live workouts via Zoom with experienced coaches, recorded workouts on demand and access to an exclusive members hub with daily challenges, mini workout sets and recipe ideas.

Barry’s Bootcamp – tune in via Instagram live or catch-up later on IGTV. The team at Barry’s Bootcamp are also working on an innovative project, Barry’s at Home, which will bring instructors digitally into member’s homes.

Other gyms/brands to try:


  • Lululemon
  • Nike Training
  • Keep it Cleaner
  • Centr
  • Alo Moves
  • Freeletics



Think about what used to motivate you to exercise before lockdown and replicate it at home. Was it music? Your personal trainer? A pre-workout smoothie? If you’re missing your gym buddy, organise a workout schedule with them each week and stick to it together. If you miss the motivational (slightly deafening) beats of your HIIT class, follow your gym on Spotify and turn up the volume! If you had a routine that worked for you before, try to keep it at similar as possible. 



If exercise at home is a low priority for you right now, that’s totally understandable. Some days just putting your active wear on feels like an accomplishment in itself…we get it! Remember to be gentle with yourself, which means no unnecessary pressure like unrealistic targets or challenges. You don’t need to come out of this pandemic in the best shape of your life.



Make your post-workout routine something to look forward to. As a reward for working out, make a hearty, nutritious breakfast or indulge in an extra-long shower with your favourite body wash.  The trick to an exercise regime that sticks is a positive association. Every time you get a waft of that shower gel on your skin or get snuggly in track pants after your shower, these cues will reinforce why you love exercise.



By nature, humans need change and variety to stay motivated. Why not try a class you’d previously been too nervous to in public? Or, alternate strength and cardio workouts each day? It’s also key to make sure you actually enjoy the exercise you’re doing!