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Spirulina is often a word you’ll have heard before, but what is this mysterious blue-green powder? And what is spirulina good for in terms of our overall health and wellbeing?

Read on and learn all about this nutritious energy supplement, including what spirulina is and its incredible benefit.

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As we re-adjust to our new normal, we may find our ourselves feeling low in energy and struggling to get done all that we would like too. Feeling flat or struggling with low energy can be common after stress.  Our bodies natural response to stress is to stimulate our adrenal glands to release cortisol, one of our primary stress hormones.

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Feeling low in energy impacts many of us. From taking care of families, households and a busy lifestyle having poor energy can affect our mood and potential to get the most out of our day or week. There are many reasons why low energy may result. 

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