MCT and super greens – The new energy fuel

MCT and super greens – The new energy fuel

The pace of everyday life can sometimes leave us feeling a bit flat and our energy levels can often be the first signs of struggle. Poor energy levels can bring, feelings of low mood, poor cognitive function and difficulty in just achieving the everyday tasks.



There are a variety of ways to boost energy and finding what best suits you is the number one step. Medium Chain Triglycerides commonly known as MCT are sourced from coconut oil and act as a natural form of super fuel for the body. MCTs contain medium chain fatty acids so they absorb quicker as they digest within the gut and then travel onto the liver without the normal breakdown time of other types of fatty acids.

This helps to give a quick energy supporting effect, helping you feel well and providing an immediate energy boost into your day.



  • Brain food – MCTs can helps to support healthy brain function and provide an additional cognitive boost when you may need it most of all, whether that is to help kickstart your day or support the common afternoon slump. Giving you some brain food and goodness for your day ahead.
  • Recovery help – MCTs also help work out recovery by helping balance lactate levels after exercise. Excessive lactate levels can hinder recovery and the next day performance due to its involvement  in muscle stiffness. Using MCT as pre or post exercise support is believed to help support healthy fat metabolism conversion in the body and help recovery time.
  • Healthy metabolic support – MCTs help with appetite hormone release, supporting two vital appetite balancing hormones, peptide YY and leptin. Both hormones help feelings of satiety in the body, so helping us feel full. MCTs work to support the balance of those appetite hormones and supports a healthy feedback loop to the brain, that helps to tell us when we are full.

MCTs may help encourage healthy fat metabolism by acting on the way we store and utilise fat. MCTs can be converted into ketones.

  • MCTs support a healthy gut – helping encourage friendly bacteria and support our lining of the gut. A healthy well-functioning gut only helps to support our total well-being.
  • Healthy blood sugar support – MCTs may help as blood sugar support, helping to balance healthy metabolism of fats and healthy blood sugar maintenance.
  • MCT from coconuts contains caprylic, capric and lauric acid, these fatty acids help with overgrowth of yeast, bacteria and keep healthy levels of bacteria in balance. Helping support healthy skin.

Including MCTs into your daily nutrition alongside wholefoods and super phytonutrients from greens can help to super fuel your day, boost brain function and help support recovery. Barley and Wheat grass contain naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and powerful plant antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase known as SOD. This potent enzyme is responsible for helping with a powerful detoxification effect in the body.

Helping to protect against free radical damage and support healthy cell function for total body protection. The unique blend of both MCT and barley and wheat grass provides energy fuel and a phytonutrient boost of goodness for wellness and detox support. Helping support liver and healthy metabolism for everyday and the upcoming summer months.