5 top tips for energy – getting back into our new normal

5 top tips for energy – getting back into our new normal
By | May 12, 2020

As we re-adjust to our new normal, we may find our ourselves feeling low in energy and struggling to get done all that we would like too. Feeling flat or struggling with low energy can be common after stress. Our bodies natural response to stress is to stimulate our adrenal glands to release cortisol, one of our primary stress hormones. Cortisol helps to create energy and gives us a boost to help us carry on. Cortisol release in the body is designed to help us in extreme or emergency situations and is not meant to be part of our everyday life. As it may start to impact our overall well-being.



When our bodies are required to create more cortisol over a longer period rather than in short bursts, such as in a situation where there is on-going stress. Our adrenals can tire, and this may impact our ability to release cortisol. Short-term stresses such as getting to work and sitting exams can help inspire us and help us attain goals. The effects of shorter term stress can be beneficial for our health in small bursts. But on-going stress can act like extra wear and tear on us, tiring our bodies responses, impacting our mood and immunity and all of these follow-on effects are not so healthy for us.



The good news is our bodies are usually capable of great adaption. This means we generally have the natural ability to adapt to new environments and unexpected changes. So, getting our energy back with some and key tips and extra support may help in going forward in our new normal. This can take time depending on the levels of stress experienced, our diet or lifestyle, alongside taking into consideration that recovery can differ depending on your individual well-being.


Boosting our energy levels

  1. De-stressing, finding ways to lower stress where we can, is important for our everyday energy and wellness. Stress impacts on our mood and finding ways to manage stress can help our emotional and mental health. Mindfulness or meditation and including regular moments of relaxation, all help to support a healthy mood and restful sleep. A helpful meditation technique called RAIN an acronym for recognise, acknowledge, investigate and non-identification can help in finding the off button. Helping us see the stress for what it is and then finding a release for it. Any meditation can act as daily stress support. Having less stress in our day instantly helps our energy levels. Natural essential nutrients like magnesium can help calm and support mood alongside soothing tired and tense muscles.


  1. Daily Priorities, reassessing our priorities is good for us, to help us determine what serves us best or what may not be working so well for us. Organising our week according to what is our most essential priorities and then having a secondary priorities list that is completed as you can. Our secondary list does not require the same level of urgency. Finding our focus helps to give us a sense of calm and direct our energy into the where it most needs to go. Super nutrients like spirulina can help support and restore energy, helping with a superfood nutrient boost with its naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, a sustainable and clean source of omega 3 such as algae oil can help to further support mental focus and recovery.


  1. Exercise, our physical movement helps general well-being, from mood, to our sleep patterns and healthy energy levels. It encourages endorphin release in the body. Helping us feel good and acts as a natural way to boost our mood alongside our energy levels. Finding our optimal exercise balance is vital, as too much can be weary on the body and too less may not have enough of a health effect. Finding what amount is right for you is important. Including physical exercise in your week can naturally help boost your energy levels. Including the amount that is right for may require some balance and noting what works best for you. A unique extra strength spirulina that is a incredibly rich source of antioxidants, including the powerful active constituent phycocyanin can help as extra strength recovery support, helping tired muscles and immunity.


  1. Sleep helps us to restore and provide more energy for the next day. Trying to stick to a regular sleep routine helps set up a rhythmic sleep cycle or pattern in the body, helping a healthy melatonin release. Turning off bright lights, screens (these emit blue light that may impact our melatonin levels), a warm shower or a soothing hot drink and giving yourself some down time, an hour or so before bed can all help support a restful night’s sleep. Potent natural sources ofnutrient-rich mineralscan help encourage a healthy sleep cycle and relaxation.


  1. Our daily diet, the food we consume on a regular basis helps to support our wellness. The rainbow wholefood approach helps to give a large portion of fresh fruit and vegetables to our routine. Alongside our daily diet this can help us top-up on potent superfoods. Helping to provide more phytonutrients and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to help our immunity, energy and add vital whole-food nutritional value into our day. The all-in-one green nutrient blends can help as an easy and convenient way to boost energy and provide more nutritional support for our everyday gut health & immunity. An easy greens drink for helping lift low energy and to re-vitalise us when we need that extra boost.