The super prebiotic effect – the new ingredient for wellness

The super prebiotic effect – the new ingredient for wellness


Prebiotics are fast becoming as well-known as probiotics. Prebiotics are essentially good sources of fiber that helps feed our friendly gut bacteria. Prebiotics help probiotics to do their jobs better and enhance the overall probiotic effect in the body. Prebiotics are non digestible forms of fiber that are typically known as oligosaccharides, as they ferment they help produce food for good bacteria to thrive and further support the probiotic effect. Probiotics need prebiotics in order to function well in the body with prebiotics helping the effectiveness of the probiotic, helping to give you that optimal effect.



Prebiotics are so vital, not only because they help the overall effect of probiotics but due to their immune boosting ability, soothing gut health properties and supporting the stress or mood effect through their helpful action on probiotics. They can be part of our daily diet, prebiotic rich foods are fruits with skins, apples, pears, kiwifruits, berries and bananas all pack a potent amount of natural prebiotic power. The stand-out greens are asparagus, broccoli and artichokes alongside prebiotic foods such as onions, oats and chicory root.



Making prebiotics part of our diet via our fruit and vegetable intake is one way but this can also be a difficult task for some. As busy lifestyles, food availability, dietary preferences and restrictions due to allergies or intolerance’s and gut health may all play a role and contribute to what is possible. Prebiotic supplementation can help in situations where extra support may be required. Naturally sourced super prebiotics such as Livaux® can support everyday gut health alongside a healthy immune response in the body. Livaux® is an unique bioactive golden kiwifruit extract full of polyphenols, vitamin C and plant antioxidants. Livaux® is scientifically researched and the award winning prebiotic of the year that works to provide effective support for gut health and immunity. A natural way to boost immune health and help digestion.



  1. Help to keep your gut healthy and happy for everyday digestion
  2. Nutrient absorption – prebiotics help nutrients from your food absorb better.
  3. Mood support – prebiotics and probiotics can help help our stress response in the body. ( The gut-brain conversation and axis.)
  4. Healthy immune function – prebiotics like probiotics help a normal immune response in the body, helping us stay well.
  5. Support healthy weight management – the pre and probiotic balance in the gut helps our metabolism, balances blood sugar and impacts on fat storage ability.
  6. Cardiovascular health – Prebiotics help our heart health, new information shows a clear relationship between the overall health of our gut bacteria and our cardiovascular health. Prebiotics help calm free radical production and damage. Prebiotics are also powerful antioxidants for heath.

Including prebiotics into your day helps with more then one health benefit, they help support our complete picture of wellness.