How to feel good and boost energy

How to feel good and boost energy
By Lifestream | February 20, 2021

Are you feeling the back to school or work blues?

As another New Year starts, we often feel a mixture of elevation for all the new resolutions and opportunities that may await us alongside some holiday blues. The end of year brings with it some relaxation relief as we look forward to the summer holidays and some much needed time out from our usual routines.

Once the summer holidays pass and we are getting back into the work or school routines with the children or yourself then it is normal that the holiday blues can occur. We feel a longing to enjoy that relaxation and time out once more. Recharging ourselves with purpose can help us move into the New Year ahead.

How to feel good and boost energy

Setting ourselves up to start the day well can help inspire us and support energy. Finding what works best for you is key. Starting the day with movement such as walking or running, the gym, meditation or whatever works best for you can be a great motivational tool. Our morning routine can help inspire and motivate for the day ahead. Setting up what work well for you helps define our day and give us the emotional and physical energy for a busy routine.

What we eat and use for our everyday fuel helps give us energy and influences our gut health. Our gut is responsible for mood, immunity, brain health and much more. The easiest way to get a natural boost is through our food and whole food or plant-based supplements. Looking after our gut with pre and probiotics helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome, which is an essential ingredient for energy and performance.

Why rest and recovery help energy and mood

Getting adequate rest and recovery is a huge part of our daily energy ability. Having a set sleep routine and wake up time helps set an internal rhythm and body clock and allows for enough time out to recharge both the mind and body. A simple ingredient, but not always easy to implement alongside a busy work or family life. Just doing our best to find what works best for you and setting times that can be implemented into your daily routines, is a great start to finding more energy and helping mood and well-being.

Finding your inspiration fuel

What we spent most of our time doing helps to define us and ideally nourishes and uplifts us. Including what we are passionate about helps us feel good and is mind food, supporting our emotional health and energy reserves. What your inspirational fuel is will be different for everyone, your work, family, or hobbies all may help inspire you. Including your inspirational fuel into our daily life and week is the essential ingredient for motivating and keeping us moving forward into the New Year and beyond.