Struggling to maintain a healthy weight? How it could be connected to your gut health.

Struggling to maintain a healthy weight? How it could be connected to your gut health.

If you’re having trouble maintaining a healthy weight, there can often be a connection with your gut health. Your gut is where all food is broken down into usable nutrients to be transported and delivered where they’re needed by your blood stream. If this isn’t happening well, or you’re not eating at least 5 - 6 serves of vegetables or 2 serves of fruit eat day, then you may not get what you need. Vegetables and fruits are goldmines of nutrients necessary to support energy and keep your “firing on all cylinders” as well as metabolising your food so it gets used rather than stored in places you don’t want it to be. Vegetables and fruit also contain lots of fibre so your food can move through your intestinal tract well and also provide food for a healthy balance of bacteria.

How would a probiotic help?

Probiotics help you to maintain a healthy balance amongst all your gut microbes. Microbes can be competitive, with some wanting to dominate others causing you problems with digestion, elimination, skin and other health issues. Probiotics introduce strains to help combat these problems and establish a healthier balance. Certain strains help in different areas which is why you’ll find different probiotics available to support different areas of health.

How does Probiotics Metabolise help with healthy weight management?

How you metabolise (digest and process) your food influences just how many nutrients you get from every meal and how your body utilises the unlocked nutrients. Any nutrients not immediately required get stored for later. If your energy intake (via your food) is more than your energy output, then you’re likely to notice a weight increase over time.

Lifestream Probiotic Metabolise is a unique combination of probiotics strains and the well-known prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides) and has been scientifically studied and proven to support healthy weight balance. The study found that participants following an energy balanced diet and daily physical exercise experienced positive improvement with their BMI, blood sugar balance, healthy cholesterol levels, increased levels of good intestinal bacteria, healthy liver function (need to metabolise fats) and heathy bowel motions.