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The medicinal use of Aloe vera dates back over 5,000 years, where the dried latex (the yellow layer found just...

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Research has shown that an abnormal gut flora balance can influence your ability to maintain good weight management, and that a healthy composition and diversity of gut bacteria has a positive influence on weight control. Read our latest blog to learn more about this and what we can do to restore gut flora and healthy weight balance.

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Choosing a probiotic based solely on the amount of CFU’s doesn’t mean it’s better - there's a lot more to consider. In this blog, Naturopath Kim Wessels explains why this is the case and what else you need to look for in a Probiotic. Read on to learn more.

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We now know that the role of gut bacteria extends beyond digestion and has a far reaching influence on many areas of your health + wellbeing - some you may not have even thought of! This includes the health of your mood, skin, weight, immune system, food intolerances and more. Read our blog to learn more about this.

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With the kids on their winter break, now could be a good time to think about how we can support their immune system before they head back into the classroom again. In this blog, you'll learn why your child's gut health is important for their immune defences, and simple things you can do to support your child's gut microbiome and therefore their immune system, digestive health + overall wellbeing too.

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GUT HEALTH By Skye Macfarlane | November 28, 2019 You know this. What makes plant based the best option is...

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DIGESTION & GUT HEALTH By Lifestream | June 28, 2020 Our everyday gut function helps us in more then one...

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Aloe Vera is renowned for its natural ability to help support digestive function and has been traditionally used for more...

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OUR SLEEP WELL-BEING The most recent research and information on gut health and sleep suggests a strong connection between the...

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