Why a plant based diet is best for your gut-health

Why a plant based diet is best for your gut-health
By Skye Macfarlane | November 28, 2019

You know this. What makes plant based the best option is the fact that it is full of all the good stuff your gut needs. There are so many reasons to eat plant foods, they are nutrient rich, they help our general health and wellbeing and can work on reducing disease markers. But what is super important is how it also effects our gut.

Gut dysbiosis is on the rise with our modern living and the changes to our gut micro biota (gut bacteria). We have trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive system and Plant based foods and products feed this micro biome with the most abundant source of prebiotics. Plant based supplies the micro biome with fibre and our bacteria thrive on this food source (which in turn lowers dysbiosis, helps with bowel regularity and food absorption). A Plant based approach also encourages the growth of specific bacteria that help with the gut integrity (and GI tract wall integrity also) helping to reduce the effect of leaky gut. Have a broad and diverse microbiotica is essential in ensuring optimal digestion, immunity. Studies have shown that by having double the amount of fibre than in a western diet the microbiotica diversity is effected up to 19X more than the western diet which is amazing! Increased diversity is what we should aim for.

70% of our immune system sits in our gut, so it is of paramount importance that we make sure that our digestion is working as well as it can be. This means we need to aim for regular fibre intake, bowel motions and no pain or discomfort with or from eating. Plant based supplies our body with a generous dose of nutrients, phytochemicals and prebiotics (fibre that helps to keep our digestive system health. Lifestream celebrates that with the selection of products that help to feed the good bacteria we need and help you get your digestion back on track.