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In this blog we look at why it's important to manage mental stress levels, and what impact it has on your body, beyond just your mood. Mental stress could also affect your weight, the health of your heart, hormones, immunity, digestion and more. Learn more about what mental stress could be doing to your body, why it's important to manage our stress levels, and get tips and ideas on how to manage stress in this blog.

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Whether you're studying, writing a report, preparing for a presentation, or simply have a mammoth task ahead of you, you'll need focus, mental energy and clarity to help you do your best work, to get the best outcome. Unfortunately, our lives today are are bombarded with a multitude of notifications, messages and interruptions throughout the day amongst a long list of to-do's. In this blog, our Naturopath Kim Wessels shares advice on what we can do to regain mental focus and clarity, and get the job done with more ease. Read our blog to learn more.

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Astaxanthin (as-ta-ZAN-thin) - This potent broad spectrum antioxidant is known to improve skin appearance by protecting it from free radical damage - from the inside out. It's also known to support brain, eye, cardiovascular health, muscle and exercise recovery and more. Read on to learn more about the benefits of amazing astaxanthin.

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DIET By Lifestream | April 6, 2020 It seems like winter is here making some of us pine for those...

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