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We now know that the role of gut bacteria extends beyond digestion and has a far reaching influence on many areas of your health + wellbeing - some you may not have even thought of! This includes the health of your mood, skin, weight, immune system, food intolerances and more. Read our blog to learn more about this.

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Often when we think of skin care, the first thing we tend to think about are topical lotions, potions and treatments that we apply to our face. While these activities will support your skin, there is no disputing the fact that healthy skin does indeed start from within. While eating a balanced and nutritious diet is essential, sometimes a little help in the form a supplement can further help to support your skin. In this blog, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist Kim Wessels shares her picks for the best supplements for healthy skin.

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Astaxanthin (as-ta-ZAN-thin) - This potent broad spectrum antioxidant is known to improve skin appearance by protecting it from free radical damage - from the inside out. It's also known to support brain, eye, cardiovascular health, muscle and exercise recovery and more. Read on to learn more about the benefits of amazing astaxanthin.

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Anyone that has struggled with skin issues know that it is not an easy experience. Skin troubles are often not a welcome addition to our life. When the skin becomes dry and irritated it can be a difficult cycle to stop, the more dry & itchy it is, the

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