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You might have gone for years happily eating all things gluten and dairy, and then started to notice a change in the way your body is responding to them.  Or maybe you’ve become accustomed to pooping every 3-7 days, passing wind perpetually, or feel bloated and tired after meals - because it’s been going on for so long it’s now your “norm”.  If you’re challenged with these and other problems like irregular or perpetual bowel emptying, or daily digestive discomfort, they’re indicators that your gut needs some extra TLC.  

It’s important to keep track of how often you poop, because this is your body’s way of getting rid of the remnants of what’s no longer needed from your food.  At this stage all the available nutrients should have been extracted from your food during digestion and only the waste is left to be eliminated.  Your poop (and everyone else's) contains undigestible fibre and food particles, bacteria, salts, and other waste matter from your intestinal tract, and it needs to leave!  

No matter your age, you need your joints and bones to be in the best possible condition.  Easily overlooked, bones actually have a number of hidden talents and tasks to perform!  The obvious one is that they give your body structure and support by being the internal framework your body needs, and on the inside they’re making blood and immune cells for you within the marrow.

Hormonal fluctuations usually take place quietly in the background with no obvious impact on day-to-day life.  But when things aren’t running so smoothly, you might experience things like mood swings, disturbed digestion, skin issues, poor sleep, or maybe low energy. You might also notice they worsen at different times of the month, or even multiple times during the month. 

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Anyone that has struggled with skin issues know that it is not an easy experience. Skin troubles are often not a welcome addition to our life. When the skin becomes dry and irritated it can be a difficult cycle to stop, the more dry & itchy it is, the

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As we re-adjust to our new normal, we may find our ourselves feeling low in energy and struggling to get done all that we would like too. Feeling flat or struggling with low energy can be common after stress.  Our bodies natural response to stress is to stimulate our adrenal glands to release cortisol, one of our primary stress hormones.

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Feeling low in energy impacts many of us. From taking care of families, households and a busy lifestyle having poor energy can affect our mood and potential to get the most out of our day or week. There are many reasons why low energy may result. 

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